About Us


Keystone Skate Supply is unlike any other distributor in the industry. Our goal is to manufacture and sell products that not only provide a keystone margin, but also provide your customers with a quality product at a fantastic price.

It's our philosophy that differentiates us even further from other skate distributors and manufactures. Our keystone margins help support local skate shops, allowing them to keep their doors open and the local scene alive.

We currently distribute the following brands: Krown Skateboards, Paradise Longboards, Amphetamine Bearings, Black Diamond Grip Tape, Bigfoot Wheels, Moose Skateboards, Bullseye Bearings, Core Trucks, Dimebag Hardware, Havok Trucks, Cyclops, Beer Can Boards, Eternal Skateboards, Lethal Threat Skateboards, Destructo Trucks, Tracker Trucks, Madd Gear Scooters, Lucid Grip, Revenge Trucks, Zoo York Skateboards, Airwalk, Softrucks, Premier and Fortrus Snow Skates, and more...