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Bullseye Bulk Bearings - ABEC 5

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Bullseye Bulk Bearings - ABEC 5
Bullseye Bulk Bearings - ABEC 5
Bullseye Bulk Bearings - ABEC 5
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Bullseye Bulk Bearings - ABEC 5


These Bullseye ABEC 5 bearings are smooth, quick-spinning, and long-lasting right out of the package. You can count on a set of strong, fast, and durable bearings with this package to keep you rolling, whether you’re carving or cruising. The bearings have great durability, which makes them an ideal choice for any skater. This package includes a full set of 8 bearings.

  • Perfect bearings for park skating, as the durability allows for advanced flip tricks that require hard landings.
  • White removable shields allow for easy cleaning when necessary.
  • The low friction of ABEC 5 bearings allows for smoother riding.
  • Ensures easy and effortless rolling and cruising.
  • 608 bearings fit all skateboard and longboard wheels.


Abec 5

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